Integrative Healthcare Solutions

What Does IHCS Do?

The human body is complex. Countless factors contribute to the overall state of one’s health. Integrative Healthcare Solutions believes in looking at the overall picture of health in order to get your body functioning at its best. No other medical provider will go the distance to evaluate your health as thoroughly as Integrative Healthcare Solutions (IHCS). 

IHCS partners with Synergy Wellness to provide innovative healthcare that focuses on prevention of future illness and direct treatment to the origin of present illness rather than simply diminishing symptoms. The body is the vessel that carries you through life, and life is too short to settle for a body that merely functions. IHCS is committed to helping you bring your health from “normal” to “optimal.” We have developed a functional, collaborative, medically-driven plan that looks to optimize the six areas of wellness: nutrition, exercise, healthy sleep, stress reduction, spirituality, and community. 

We provide services to address gut health, hormone balance, infertility, fatigue, weight management, and athletic performance for any body type. Our integrative approach combines the benefits of allopathic medicine with functional medicine to create a natural treatment plan for each individual. 


A consultation with IHCS requires an initial wellness visit at Synergy Wellness to complete a patient history, physical examination, and extensive blood tests. After the results of the blood panel have been received, a consultation will be arranged with Brett Enabnit at IHCS. The consultation will provide a comprehensive overview of the patient’s health. A healthcare plan will be presented to the patient to guide them in reaching a level of optimal performance.  


  1. Do I need to make an appointment to have my blood work done? Yes, an appointment is necessary to complete a blood draw. In addition to a comprehensive blood test, a physical examination is conducted prior to a consultation with Brett at IHCS. The blood draw must be performed before 11:00 AM and while the patient is in a fasting state. 
  2. How much does blood work cost without insurance? Call Synergy Wellness for the cost of the office visit. Call your preferred high complexity lab for a price quote on blood work.